Ethical Decision Making

Instructor:  Wendy McIntosh PhD
Course Dates: Open-ended
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Who can Enroll: Anyone
Course Language: English

About the Course

Ethical Decision Making

The intention of this Ethical Decision-Making course is to deepen your understanding and appreciation of the importance of ethics in your profession. Through feedback and suggestions from professionals who have experienced ethical dilemmas in their personal and professional experiences, this course invites you to reflect on your own practice.

The course benefits professionals, managers, and administrative staff working in the health, education, safety, and customer service fields.

Certification is available upon successful completion and attracts 10 CNE/CPD points where applicable.

•    Demonstrate an understanding of factors that influence the decisions that professionals make in their personal and professional roles.
•    Identify ways in which personal decisions/actions may affect/influence the professional role.
•    Identify how the public’s perception of the professions may be affected by the decisions professionals take in their personal and professional life.
•    Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of professionals maintaining strong ethical, legal, and moral positions in their personal and professional life.
•    Identify strategies that you can continue to implement, to assist in guiding your ethical and professional practice.

This package includes references to recommended readings to complement and support content. These will be linked to a separate page so that you can read them as you go through the package. Videos have been included to provide examples of unit concepts that are intended to increase awareness of the complexities of ethical decision-making. They should be used to stimulate the reflection of your practice and the practice of colleagues, as well as provide a forum for discussion between you and colleagues.

The assessment at the end of the tool requires you to complete a number of short answer questions and a reflective essay to demonstrate learning achieved from completing the tool. It is important to ensure you have completed the assessment and paid in full ($220.00 inc. GST) if you wish to receive a certificate.

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Course Structure

  • Unit 1 - Course Overview
  • Unit 2 - Objectives
  • Unit 3 - Nexus of Personal & Professional Ethics
  • Unit 4 - Ethics: Further Defined
  • Unit 5 - Social Media
  • Unit 6 - Consent
  • Unit 8 - Body's Stress System & Unethical Behaviour
  • Unit 9 - Scenarios to Reflect On
  • Unit 10 - Reflective Pieces
  • Unit 11 - Themes to Ponder
  • Unit 12 - Objectives Revisited
  • For Certification - Assessment
  • Bonus Content


Wendy McIntosh PhD
Wendy McIntosh
Dr. Wendy H McIntosh PhD, RGN, RMHN, Grad. Dip MH, MN, Cert IV Workplace Assessment & Training, Group Leadership Cert. MRCNA, MANZCMHN, AMANZPA. Wendy has 30 years experience as a nurse, with 25 of those years working in mental health (clinical, educational and research). Wendy has worked as an educator ...