Unit 3 Ideas, Hints & Examples



Boundary crossings and violations between worker and client

  • Nurse shares with client details of financial difficulties
  • Teacher shares with a secondary school student their own history of sexual abuse
  • A medical doctor commences a sexual relationship with a patient they are treating
  • Nurse shares with a patient difficulties they are experiencing with their partner / children
  • Student/patient becomes the “counselor” for the teacher/doctor
  • Becoming friends with a client/student on facebook
  • Brief hug with client (once only)
  • Refer to student / client as he/she is like my son, mate, daughter
  • Lending a client / student money on regular basis
  • Taking a client home to meet your family
  • Sharing family photos with a client / student
  • Kicking a client / student
  • Ordering a client to take their medication …or else
  • Being sexually inappropriate with a client / student
  • Wearing revealing clothes in the workplace
  • Coming to work under the influence of drugs / alcohol
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