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Access units from this page. Courses in blue are accessible to you. Courses in grey are not accessible until you complete the prior unit.


How to Use This Course

As this course is self-directed, you can work through it at your own pace.  When you login, you can continue through the program – all of your work is saved. Questions are mandatory and must be completed before moving on to the next unit.
literature-128 copy 5 There are several units that have additional reading.  When you see this symbol, click on it and read the pdf.  Then continue the course.  With the exception of the course workbook, literature is not very long.  Though topics may refer to a profession other than your own, keep in mind that the core principles, theories, and models presented are extremely valuable to many professions, especially those in health, education, safety, and customer service fields.
idea-128 copy Click on this to get hints, ideas, and examples in unit sections where they are available.

Very important:  When you are finished with a unit, make sure to click on the done button before moving on.  If you are not finished and want to leave the course page, make sure to click on “Save Progress & Edit.”  If you do not do this, and you leave the webpage, your work will be lost and you will have to begin the unit again. Clicking on either of these will lock in your answers and return you to the dashboard.